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Mission Statement and Statement of Faith

Admission Procedures and Requirements

Academic Expectations and Evaluations

Attendance Policies

Student Life

Health and Safety at School

Student Conduct

Dress Code

Disciplinary Procedures

Business and Finance

Parent/ Teacher Communication and Fellowship



Mission Statement

 Auburn Baptist Christian Academy, a ministry of Auburn Baptist Church, is a learning community in which Jesus Christ is glorified through biblical training and academic excellence.

We are here to provide quality, Christ-centered, formal education in partnership with the home and church. We desire to prepare students to be lifelong learners and to fulfill the Great Commission in diverse vocations.  We pray that each student will receive the gift of salvation through Christ; and then love and serve Him with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

We desire to enrich them to be ready to be Christian leaders in whatever vocation they pursue.

The ABCA faculty are professional Christian educators, who create classrooms that are effective, engaging, and founded on Christian principles.


Statement of Faith

  • We believe that the Bible is the inspired and the only infallible, authoritative Word of God.

  • We believe in one God, eternally existent in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, and in His personal return in power and glory.

  • We believe that for salvation of lost and sinful man, belief in the Lord Jesus is absolutely essential.

  • We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit whose in-dwelling in all believers, enables them to live holy and Christ-like lives.

  • We believe in the personal return of our Lord Jesus Christ in power and glory to reign in righteousness.

  • We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost- those that are saved to the resurrection of life and those that are lost to a resurrection of everlasting punishment.

  • We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and in the importance of all his followers maintain good works as evidence of faith in Christ.

  • We believe that heaven is the final place of eternal life with God for the believer and that Hell is the place of everlasting separation from God for the unbeliever.

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Admission Procedures and Requirements

Enrollment Process

Once ABCA has received and reviewed your application you will be contacted by our Administrator to schedule a family interview.  The presence of both parents and the student at the interview is encouraged.


Parents of currently enrolled students will receive a letter early in the spring informing them of their opportunity to re-enroll their child.  A fee will be due in order to reserve their child’s place.  At the time of reenrollment, admission status will be evaluated for all current students.  Based on the criteria stated above, it is possible for a current student to be denied admission or to be placed on probationary admittance status.  Regular attendance, satisfactory academic performance, and compliance with stated discipline and conduct expectations will determine re-enrollment admission status for the upcoming school year.

Open enrollment for new students outside of the current ABCA family will not begin until after April 1st.

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Academic Expectations and Evaluation

Academic excellence is a primary goal at ABCA, and we encourage high academic performance.  Furthermore, our curriculum is Christ- centered, and all subject matters is designed to be taught in the light of God’s Word. The elementary program focuses on developing basic skills in Reading and Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Penmanship, Bible and Fine Arts.


Homework is a valuable part of schooling.  It allows students to practice, extend and consolidate work done in class.  Homework establishes habits of study, concentration, and self-discipline which will serve students for the rest of their lives.  The Academy values a balanced life for students and therefore teachers are given guidelines to balance student’s homework load.  As a student uses his/her time in class well, homework and study time outside of class should be minimal.

Grading System and Scale

The academic year at ABCA is divided into 4 quarters.  Parents can expect a student’s academic achievement report a week after each quarter.  Parents are encouraged to track their child’s progress.  Parents may contact teachers at any time during the school year to ask about the progress of their student(s).   

  • 100 A+

  • 95-99 A

  • 93-94 A-

  • 91-92 B+

  • 87-90 B

  • 85-86 B-

  • 83-84 C+

  • 79-82 C

  • 77-78 C-

  • 75-76 D+

  • 71-74 D

  • 70 D-

  • Below 70 F

  • E - Excelent

  • S - Satisfactory

  • N - Needs Improvement

Here at ABCA we have formal standardized testing in March of the current school year.  The school takes the Iowa Based Standardized Test.  We believe that this test does the best job at testing the students in their all around knowledge.  It is not mandatory for students to take the test but highly recommended to have another way to measure academic success.

Academic Probation

Students will be placed on academic probation if they receive an F in any subject at the end of each year.  This will be documented, requiring a signature from both parents and student.  If student receives a failing grade again at the next year, they can be asked to withdraw from the Academy.  Students may only be on academic probation twice before they are asked to withdraw within their elementary or middle school years.  Our desire is to help each student to be successful learners.  As we sense that a student is trying to improve, we can try to make a plan to help.

College Classes

Students in eleventh and twelfth grades are eligible to take college classes through New River Community College. There is a process to determine eligibility and enrollment to NRCC; therefore, any student interested will need to contact the Administrator at ABCA at least two weeks before each semester. If your student elects to take a class through NRCC that is a required class at ABCA, a 5% discount will be applied to the ABCA tuition. The discount only applies if the class taken at NRCC is a required ABCA class. If the class is passed, it will count as a high school credit at ABCA as well as a college credit at NRCC. Be sure to discuss this option with the ABCA Administrator.

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Attendance Policies

Parents are strongly encouraged to see that students arrive on time to begin the school day.  Doors to the Academy will be locked after 8:35 a.m.  If students arrive late, a parent must come in to sign their student into school.  This is done through the office. If a student needs to leave school early, parents must also come into the office to sign their student out.

Tardy Policy

For every five days tardy, one absence will be recorded. It is imperative that students arrive on time.  Here at ABCA, we begin academic instruction promptly at 8:35.  When a student is tardy they are an interruption to the class and makes it difficult to be prepared for the school day.

Absence Policy

Consistent class attendance is necessary if a student is to be successful in ABCA’s academic program.  Therefore, a student will be allowed to be absent no more than eighteen days during the school year. Students who exceed eighteen days absent during the school year will not be given credit for that years work without Administrators approval.  After accumulating five absences, a letter will be sent home reminding the parent of this policy.  If a student exceeds the allowed limit, the student and his/her parents will be asked to meet with the Administrator to explain their circumstances.  Correspondence from teachers, doctors, and/or parents may be presented at this time.  The Administrator will determine at that point whether the student has done sufficient and satisfactory work to advance to the next grade level.

Make-up Work

Because assignments are an important part of the learning process, students will be expected to make up all work missed during an absence.  One class day of make-up time is given for every day a student is absent.

The primary responsibility for finding out what assignments were missed because lays with the student and parent, not the teacher.  If a student has an extended absence due to illness, the parent may contact the teacher daily to find out what work is missed.  If the absence is know in advance, for such purposes as family travel, mission trips, doctor or dentist appointments, parents and/or students should obtain assignments from their teacher in advance.  Requests for such assignments should be made at least three days prior to expected absence.  Even more advanced warning is requested and appreciated by the teachers if the absence will be for an extended period of time.  Such assignments are to be turned in at the time they are due or upon arrival back in class.

School Closings and Delays

In the event of inclement weather such as snow, ice, heavy rains, etc… you will be notified in at least three ways.  Please tune into WDBJ 7 and WSLS news where you will see our schools information along the top of your television screen or on their webpages.  ABCA also has a facebook page with current information.  An email will be sent to you by the Administer or by your child’ teacher for closing and delays as well.


If a student leaves school in the middle of the year, he must obtain the proper form from the school office.  Transcripts are mailed directly to the new school that the student will be attending. Any outstanding balance from tuition, fees, etc… must be paid before student records can be released and forwarded to the next school.  If tuition is already paid in full at the time of the transfer, reimbursement is not possible.

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Student Life


Chapel services are held each Wednesday at 8:45 a.m.  The purpose of chapel is to provide an opportunity for the students to worship God and grow spiritually. Parents are encouraged and welcome to come!

Student Activities

All school endorsed student activities outside of school hours are supervised by the adult sponsor and approved by ABCA administration.  Any activity which involves contact with the public, or fundraising, must be approved by an Administer.  A parent is free to take their child out to lunch or home; however, it is essential that the parent communicate with their child’s teacher and sign their child out and back in if necessary.

Lost and Found

Students should make sure that all of their belongings have their names on them.  If something is lost, students should check the “lost and found” by the office.  After a reasonable length of time, items will be donated to charity.

Field Trips

All teachers are encouraged to take their class on field trips which enhance the educational process.  When the trip occurs within the New River Valley the annual Emergency Contact form will suffice.  Trip specific permission slips will be imputed for each field trip that travels beyond the NRV.  Previously completed emergency medical information is taken along on each trip. Parents are encouraged to help with transportation and supervision.  

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Health and Safety at School

ABCA is committed to maintaining a safe haven of learning, free from all forms of violence, intimidation and harassment.  Therefore, any student who engages in acts of violence, intimation or harassment on or off campus (including but not limited to fights, threats, bullying) will elicit a response from the Academy staff and faculty and will serve disciplinary action.

Closed Campus

The Academy operates on a closed campus basis.  All visitors, including parents must check-in at the office with the receptionist and receive a temporary visitor pass and return that pass as they leave campus.  Students are required to remain on campus at all times during school hours unless signed out with a legitimate excuse by an authorized person.

Academy students wanting to bring a student to school who attends another school must make arrangements at least one day in advance.  A form must be picked up at the school office and signed by all appropriate teachers and the administration in order to obtain permission.  Visitor attending classes must comply with the school standard of conduct and dress.

Student Health Care

The Academy Main Office keeps all medical records and provides care for students who are injured or ill.  Parents are asked to make sure a student’s health an immunization records are updated annually.

Drugs and Medications

Students who are taking daily medications (including prescription drugs, etc…) should ALWAYS go to the main office to take them.  Teachers are not to administer medications at any time.  The students’ teacher should be informed of the medication and dosage and should send student to the office at the appointed time of medicine’s needed. No student should ever take medication apart from the knowledge and cooperation of the Main Office.


Emergency Contact Forms

All parents must complete the Emergency Contact Form which gives consent to treatment in case of a medical emergency.  It is important that the school be able to make contact with a parent of family representative in case of an emergency.  

Parking Lot

Parents are asked to drop off and pick-up their students in the roundabout on the RIGHT side of the church.  Parents who have preschool and elementary students will drop off/pick up their students on the LEFT side of the building. Parents are asked to arrange for transportation of their child at the arrival time of 8:20 a.m. and the dismissal time of 3:00 p.m. If a parent needs to talk to a teacher or Administrator, they should park in the parking lot a wait until the car line is finished. At 3:10 the teacher or Administrator will be able to talk with the parent.


Parents must inform the office and their child’s teacher of any special circumstances in which someone other than the parent may be picking up their child from school, or of anyone specifically not authorized to pick up their child from school.  This procedure is simply a safeguard against unauthorized individuals arriving on the school campus to pick up students without parents’ permission or approval.


The Academy has emergency procedures to implement in case of fire, inclement weather, civil or political disturbance, or other emergency.  Students practice the procedures during the school year.

If an emergency were to occur that forced the cancellation of classes, the school will notify parents by phone so they can make arrangements for their students to be immediately picked up.  The Academy at this point will be on lock-down.  Parents or authorized person must come up to the office door to pick-up their child. Parents are urged to inform the office of any change in telephone numbers and also provide parent call phone numbers so that in an emergency, the school’s information for contacting the family will be current.  

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School Conduct

School Hours

The school offices are open between 9:00 and 3:00 during the school year.  The school day begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. The middle school (5-8) will be dismissed at 3:15.  If students are late to school a parent should come to the office to sign their student in and fill in a tardy form.  Students may be dropped off for school at 8:15 and should be picked up within 10 minutes of the dismissal of school.  If you have children in both lower and middle grades, please pick up your younger students before 3:10 and wait in the parking lot for the dismissal of the middle school.

Any school groups that meet must have an advisor or sponsor present.  No student may be alone in a classroom at any time unless permission has been granted from a teacher.  Students should generally not be out of class when class is in session.  If this is necessary, the student must have a pass from the teacher.  


Devices that are considered “weapons” in any culture are not permitted at school.  Possession of a weapon on campus typically will result in an automatic suspension or possible expulsion.

Audio/Visual Devices and Phones

Phones and audio/visual devices are not to be used by students on campus during school hours.  Phones and devices should be turned off and left in backpacks or lockers during classes.  If used the device will be confiscated and can be collected for the Administrator at the end of the day.  If the devices is confiscated a second time it will only be returned to a parents.  On the third offense the devices will be kept by the school until the end of the semester.

Anytime students are viewing, listening to and/or sharing inappropriate content the devices will be confiscated and their parents will be contacted.



To maintain Christian standards and environment, Public Displays of Affection are not allowed nor appropriate. PDA includes but is not limited to hugging, kissing, hand holding and any other touching deemed inappropriate by staff. PDA will be considered a discipline issue and will follow discipline guidelines.

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Dress Code

The emphasis of the ABCA dress code is guidelines of modesty, cleanliness, and professionalism. The dress code serves the purpose of preparing students to dress appropriately in various settings and to foster an attitude of learning readiness. Students are encouraged to dress in a manner that honors God and allows them to do their best.

School Uniform


Navy Blue and Khaki colored pants, skirts, and shorts are acceptable, as long as they meet the 1 inch above the knee length requirements, and are free of holes, tears, and frays. Shirts must have sleeves. White, light pink, red, navy, maroon, light blue or dark hunter green polo must be worn along with the acceptable skirt or pant.

  • Sweatshirts (hooded or not) and polo shirts must be a solid color with no logos or writing/graphics, or an ABCA sweatshirt.

  • Sweatshirt colors are the same as the colors required for shirts.

Leggings or stockings may be worn.

Hair should be clean and styled so that both eyes can be seen. Hair should be natural color with no added dyes or sprays. Girls may wear earrings, one or two per ear lobe only.


White, navy, light blue, maroon, dark hunter green or red polo must be worn along with khaki or navy colored dress pants or dress shorts that meet the above requirements.

Hair should be tapered so that it is OFF the ears and collar. No “modern” haircuts (ex. mohawks, words shaved into hair, no coloring etc...) Boys are not allowed to wear earrings of any kind.

  • Sweatshirts (hooded or not) and polo shirts must be a solid color with no logos or writing/graphics, or an ABCA sweatshirt.

  • Sweatshirt colors are the same as the colors required for shirts.

Students should NOT wear:

  • Clothing that exposes the midriff, either the front or back, i.e. pants that are cut too low or shirts not long

    enough to tuck in.

  • Styles of pants labeled as “skinny” in their description. Pant legs should fall straight down to the ankle

    and not form fit to the legs.

  • Clothing that is too tight, reveals underclothing or that is otherwise revealing such as spaghetti straps or

    backless tops.

  • Clothing containing images or writing that is inappropriate or contradicts our Statement of Faith.

  • Hats or hoods in the building

  • Flip Flops

ABCA reserves the right to make decisions on any dress code issues regardless of what is thought of as acceptable.

Physical Education Class Standards

Seventh through tenth grade boys and girls must change into ABCA gym uniforms for P.E. Students will be given the opportunity to purchase ABCA gym uniforms. Athletic shoes and socks are required.

It is the responsibility of the Administration/Faculty to make authoritative decisions regarding the appropriateness or inappropriateness of student dress code.

Parents are asked to take responsibility for seeing that students are appropriately dressed. Any student making the choice to not abide by the dress code will be sent to the office to phone their parents and ask for appropriate apparel. The student will remain in the office until they are in the compliance with the dress code. All work missed in classroom instruction will have to be made up for homework.

At ABCA we also have the Anchor Shop. The Anchor Shop is a FREE shopping experience where you can bring your school uniforms that your student may have grown out of and exchange it for another garment that they can currently wear.

Rule of thumb: If you are not sure whether it’s appropriate to wear or not, it probably isn’t. Choose something else!

Lifestyle Agreement

The Academy desires to partner with parents in creating a safe, healthy environment for young people.  In order to create this atmosphere some basic guidelines need to extend into situations off campus.  Students are asked to agree to refrain from the behaviors that bring reproach on the name of Jesus Christ during school hours and outside of school hours, on-campus and off-campus as long as they are enrolled as a student of the Academy.  Because God has given the primary authority in a student’s life to parents, the Academy calls parents to parent with us in supporting and upholding to the values of Christ and His Word with their students in the home.

Discipline Philosophy

The Academy desire that its philosophy of discipline be based on Biblical principles.  In particular, the following understandings guide the processes of classroom management and discipline at the Academy:


  • Discipline is a process of loving, strengthening, protecting, training, and correcting a person with the goal of developing an individual who practices a self-disciplines lifestyle of obedience to God and sensitivity to the needs of others.

  • Discipline is based upon concern.  In her same way God disciplines those He loves (Hebrews 12:6), parents are to discipline their children and teachers are to discipline their students out of love and care.

  • Though each person is born a sinner, each individual is of value to God and each individual has the potential of being transformed by the Holy Spirit.

The Academy recognized that in order to maintain a positive Christian atmosphere where growth and effective learning can to take place for all students, corrective discipline may sometimes be necessary.  Almost all situations that require discipline will be handled by the classroom teacher. Occasionally a situation arises of greater concern that is referred to the Administrator.  Some situations that will require administrative involvement include misbehavior, flagrant disrespect vandalism, theft, fighting or any action that endangers the safety and will-being of staff or fellow students.  The parents will be contacted.  Possible actions the Administrator may take included detention, in-school detention, disciplinary probation, or, in extreme cases, suspension or expulsion.

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Disciplinary Procedures

These procedures will guide the faculty and administration at the Academy:

Minor Offenses- Defined as mild violations of school or classroom rules will be handles by the classroom teacher or other school faculty. Discipline for minor offenses may follow (though not necessarily) the ascending discipline ladder and will be based on the discretion of the teacher: A warning, loss of privileges with in the classroom, lunch detention, call or conference with parent.

Examples of minor offenses: Interrupting the learning process of others, failure to be prepared for class, minor disrespect or disobedience, three instances of tardiness.

Major Offenses- Defined as more significant violations of school or classroom policies which will be referred to and handled by the administration.  Discipline of major offenses will result in being put on behavioral probation.

Examples of major offenses: five detentions for the same minor offense within a year,  stealing, willful destruction or abuse of property, fighting, bullying (electronic or in person), premeditated cheating- cheating such as texting, notes written on hand getting copies of tests/quizzes before, etc…

Severe Offenses- Disrespect such as profanity to faculty or peers or vulgarity and dishonesty are severe offenses. Other severe offenses include: extreme violation of school or classroom policies, the Lifestyle Agreement or laws.  These situations will be handled by the administration.

Examples of severe offenses: all examples of “major offenses” could potentially be “severe offenses” based on the details of circumstance at the discretion of the administration.  Use or possession of illegal drugs or possessions of weapons are also severe offenses.

Behavioral Probation

Students may be put on behavioral probation by the Administrator for the next three school months following what we called a severe to medium or excessively repeated behavioral problem.  This would be documented, requiring a signature from both parent and student.  Any further infraction during that time would result in dismissal.

School privileges may be limited during the probationary time.  Student may be dismissed if they get on behavioral probation more than twice within their elementary years.

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Business and Finance

Although education is expensive, the Academy is committed to keeping the cost of education affordable.  This is the financial landscape that we are faced with:

National Average spent of each publically educated student……………………………...$11,665

What we spend on each student to provide a superior education…………………………...$5,000


Tuition Payments

In March we have a re-enrollment process.  All financial accounts need to be current to re-enroll your student(s), or to re-enroll in the fall, to receive your diploma at graduation or to have the Academy forward school records or transcripts.  

Checks, cash and other forms of tuition payment should be put into a SEALED envelope along with students’ full name and class teacher.  



ABCA carries general liability insurance only and does not cover sports injuries or things cause by student’s negligence.  The parent’s own insurance policy will take presence over the school’s policy when settling claims.

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Parent Communication and Involvement

An orientation will be held before the start of the school year. “Open House Nights” are held early in the school year so that parents may meet their student’s teachers and see their classrooms.  At least one parent from each household must attend these meetings for the appropriate grade level of their children.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Conference days are set aside during the first semester of the school year.  Any other time parents can schedule appointments to meet with their child’s teacher as their calendar permits.

Email Notices

Email is sent communicating school news on a regular basis.  The school website and facebook page are where information and news will be posted on upcoming events, calendar changes, school policies, etc… The school calendar is distributed at the beginning of the year and posted on our school website.

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